Sunday, February 1, 2009

Why do I even try?

Once again my plans have changed. I really need to learn to be more flexible.

I had planned great things for this weekend. And while the weekend has gone pretty well it's not exactly how I planned it.

Yesterday I planned to clean clean clean, catch up on laundry and spend some time outside since it was suppose to be warm-ish. It ended up with my parents coming up and doing some chasing. Sure we did get a walk in outside in the fresh air. But as far as cleaning. absolutely nothing got done. When the baby did take a nice long afternoon nap I sat on my butt watching a movie. Then there was Saturday night. I had figured Lily would keep up her usual pattern of sleeping like crap for me and I would be up on the couch by 12:3o or so but she slept great until 5 when I got up with her so Adam could sleep since he had to work this morning. And today I had hoped I would get the cleaning done that I didn't yesterday. Alas the girl is being a pain...albeit a cute pain but a pain nonetheless. She won't nap without me holding her, and while it's OK cause I don't HAVE to really get anything done I would LIKE too.

Now I'm watching her in her excersaucer as she tosses toys over the edge and tries to find them by craning way over the edge to see where she dropped all her treasures.

She finally has something poking thru to show for her endless months of teething. In fact she bit me. I'm pretty diligent about checking in there for teeth and this time when she bit down it hurt. Though I guess I had it coming. I suppose if someone was sticking their fingers in my mouth I would bite down too.

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