Thursday, May 28, 2009

One Year Stats

Well we had our One year well visit yesterday and after our 9 month appointment which didn't include any shots at all. This one wasn't so nice. We got there about 10 to 3. (her appointment was at 3) Got back into the room right away where we got her weight. 19.6 pounds (25th percentile!) and her height 29.5 inches (75th percentile) and of course head size. Then we listened to her heart and then the nurse left and we got stuck in that little TINY room for a half hour. Nothing for lily to do so she got pretty restless in there with nothing to do so by the time the dr. came in she was pretty squirrely. I should really carry a bigger purse and learn to keep toys in there or something (but that's another story). SO the Dr. finally came in. Of course asked us questions and we reminisced about memorial day weekend last year and how she felt really bad leaving for their annual family trip when I was already overdue with her in the first place (of course I had Lily while my Dr. was up in Canada) But all things worked out ok so that wasn't a problem. Then she tells me that Lily gets 4 shots and then we should test for lead and Hemoglobin. So that means another finger prick. *sigh* Poor kiddo. So we waited another 10 minutes or so to get the shots and then she had those and then over to lab for another poke.

All in all things went well and she won't remember the shots today so that's good at least.

But she is a normal happy, healthy little one year old. Ahead on a few things, I don't think she's behind on anything which is good. SO I'll take it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A post in pictures.

My ONE year old!

At the zoo with daddy

Meh, I'll just hang out on this turtle.


In my natural habitat with the apes.

Thanks for presents!

My very own purse

Nom Nom Nom.

Happy Birthday Lily!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My One Year Old...

pulls herself up and walk around holding on to stuff.

gives hugs and kisses.

waves hi and bye and everything in between.

dances like a big girl when spongebob comes on the tv.

would live either outside or in the tub if we let her. (looking forward to her pool this summer)

will bring you the same book over and over and over again, plop herself in your lap until you read it to her.

likes to sneak the dog some food while she eats. (the dog likes this too.)

is the smiliest happiest baby I've ever seen in my life. (of course I may be a bit biased)

has been such a source of wonder and adventure for us this past year.

is constantly learning new things, some of which we don't want her too (climbing up the stairs for example)

loves any and all food, she hasn't met a food she hasn't liked yet.

is the best thing that has happened to myself and I'll even speak for Adam on this one.

We love you baby! Don't grow up too fast! Happy One Year Old!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

So in exactly 14 minutes...

I will be walking out my office door. And on my way home to run a few errands for Lily's birthday party before I head over to my IL's to pick her up. We have a CRAZY busy weekend ahead but despite that I am looking forward to the LONG (5 day) weekend. Tomorrow I hope to get some stuff packed up for the camping trip and then hang out and probably relax a bit. Saturday I am heading up to Brainerd to Paul Bunyan Land with my friend Danielle and her kiddo. Then we are going to camp out at her parents place for the night, have a fire, eat some marshmallows and relax. Sunday I have food to make and last minute cleaning to get done for the big party on Monday. Monday I have some people coming early in the day to visit and then Lily's big party is at 4:00. Should be fun, I'm getting some stuff for the kids to do and I think we are going to get some yard games for the adults too. Hopefully it doesn't rain on us *fingers crossed* Then after her party I'm sure she'll be pretty tuckered out so to bed for her. Tuesday (The girl's actual birthday) we are taking her to the MN zoo for the day. Should be a fun filled weekend. I'm sure it will fly by, just like the past year of my daughter's life. *sigh* They grow up too fast.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So why is it that I just can't seem to email people back these days? I seem to rely more on chat to keep in touch with people and then, this morning, the unthinkable happened. They updated our firewall and I'm pretty sure chatting is blocked now at work. What am I supposed to do with my time now? Email people? *sigh* Sadly I never feel like I have much to say. So I'm hoping that today is just a fluke and tomorrow will be back to normal tomorrow. Until then I may have to actually work. Who would have thought that would be an option for me?

Monday, May 18, 2009

So that's what it's like...

to not have to worry where your kid is crawling huh? The carpets are cleaned! They turned out great! I was so happy we decided to get it done by someone else so I didn't have to spend the time doing that ALONG with the plethora of other things I had going on. I had an eye appointment, had to get dog food and run some errands. Got it all done! Got the Kitchen cleaned, which took the longest cause I washed cabinets and stuff which was tedious but it needed it so badly. In the process of putting our furniture back in the living room we moved some stuff around. Including moving the rocking chair BACK up to Lillian's room and moving the living room chair back down to the living room. Looks so much better with everything in it's place. I also moved a bookshelf into the dining room that we really needed. Plus for some reason that really opens up the living room for us too which is nice. Someday I'd still love to get the living/dining room painted but for now it's good to go. And it's Clean.

Last night after picking lily up we also got our flower bed planted in the front, it looks great. I got some annuals to put in there, mainly because I am a big fan of chance that that makes it super easy to change out next year if I choose too! But this year I got Gerbera Daisies, Pansies, and petunias. They look great!

The Monster is definitely getting some top teeth, You can finally see them in there. She seems so far behind as far as the teeth thing goes and she seems to get bored and cranky pretty quickly these days but I suppose I would too if it were me getting the teeth.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lily's One year Collage

Spring Fun!

She would walk around the yard with this toy for Hours if we let her. She sees it in the garage and gets mad when we don't take it out to play.

11.5 Months

I am the queen, You shall bow to me.

Just chillin'

Monday, May 11, 2009

How I spent my Mother's Day

Doing some family photos for another family! Great family, lots of energy. Enjoy!

There's nothing like a cat's Purrrr.

Just a few of my favorites! I did photos of these cats for a friend of mine! I hope she likes them as much as I do. Very sweet cats!

Such blue eyes!

Very interesting to photograph cats. But a good experience all around! Thanks Kristi!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hello from my bed....

Ok, Get your mind out of the gutter people. It's 7:45pm on Thursday (my Friday) and the baby is in bed. Adam is downstairs working on some invoicing for the photography business (which is completely 100% legal now by the way). So I thought I'd check up on things. I haven't been posting much on here lately except for photography stuff and so I thought I'd update on life.

What are we doing? Well I posted that we turned the cats in to the humane society. I checked this morning and it seems they have both been adopted. They can't really give me many details but I'm hoping that someone took them both so that they at least have each other. Either way I am certain that they are making someone very happy and in turn, they are being spoiled rotten. I only wish that I could have done better for them.

Next weekend I'm getting my carpets cleaned. In fact, Lily is going to my parents house for the weekend and I am going to spring clean. Mostly in preparation for her birthday party on memorial day (a whole year. *passes out*) I can't wait to have clean carpets and a clean house, even if it only lasts for 5 minutes, which I'm pretty sure will be the case.

Mom and dad have gotten a new home! They are moving! I'm thrilled for them and I imagine in the weeks to come that we will be helping out a lot with that stuff while they pack up and move! We are Beyond excited for them and they sound so happy when they talk about it!

Lily is MAJORLY teething. Nice thing is that it looks like she is going to get a bunch all at once so even though this kinda sucks right now it should all pay off. She isn't completely unbearable but definitely not her normal self. Thankfully she is sleeping ok so far. I won't say great but definitely bearable.

She is learning MORE and MORE everyday. She says several words. Yeah, Momma, dadda, spongebob (bobbob), Stop. She repeats a lot of what you say but I'm not sure she knows what she's saying yet. Though my kid IS a genius so you never know right? She'll be walking in NO time. She loves to walk along stuff and pushing stuff. She could spend ALL day outside walking around with her toy pushing it around. Going to the front of the house to see the flowers. The yellow one seems to be her favorite and I let her touch it cause it's hers and it's soft. She now puts herself to sleep every night and I really like that. I finally got over missing the cuddle time with her so that's good. I know when she gets older and she isn't on the move so much she'll cuddle more.

I'm off on Fridays now. I am pretty sure I have talking about that so I guess that's all I'll say about that. Other than I'm loving it. It's fantastic.

Alright, Adam is back from the basement so I think it's time to watch some tv and hit the hay.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring time fun!

Lily with the horsey my parents got her for her birthday!

A very rare picture of me.

Just being sassy is all.

Happy Spring!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

An Ode to Two Fantastic Cats

Tippey and Dizzey

Even though you are no longer with me, I know that you are off to find an even MORE fantastic home than you both have had with me here. I'm sure you are scared and confused right now but know that I Love you guys so much and hope only the best for you! I will have many many beautiful memories of you guys and hope you will of me too. Enjoy your new life with your new humans who will love and cherish you the way you deserve.

Ok so they weren't too thrilled to be in the picture together. But I made them anyway.