Thursday, February 12, 2009

I can't hold back any longer.

I know I'm probably not helping the situation but I just COULDN'T resist posting about this. So a woman in California gave birth to Octuplets, they are all doing great. The thing is. She was on Dateline doing an interview and her logic doesn't make sense. I can't seem to 'understand' what this woman is thinking.

Here are the facts

She is single, living with her parents

she ALREADY has 6 other kids

She is living off student loans, disability and food stamps.

She knew she had multiple babies but was against selective reduction (her reasoning being that it's not man's decision which babies get to live and which die)

She could NOT get pregnant without IVF

Now really don't get me wrong, I personally have NOTHING against IVF and think people should do what they wanna do. But here is where my major problem is, besides the whole money thing, and having 14 kids alone. She thinks that it's not up to HUMANS to determine whether the babies live or die. But she could not get pregnant on her own. Wouldn't one conclude that God made her that way and it's not up to humans to go around that and get her pregnant anyway. Wouldn't that be a human playing God? I just have a really hard time with her rationalizing that this is what God wanted for her when she went above God and had IVF.

So if anyone could just explain that to me that would just be terrific.


webbith said...

Amen, sistah.

She's an irresponsible twit. I feel for all her kids.

TexasCoy said...

I concur.

mary said...