Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So the Whole Organization Kick....

Why does it have to be so dang expensive? I mean I can make due with what we have and so I guess I'm really in no real hurry to pick stuff up but man do I have a bad case of the "I wants". Now that I have more room in the living room I really want a long low storage piece for under the window for the baby toys. OH Lord the baby toys. And rumor has it, it's just going to get worse. So I want something neat and cute that doesn't take up a ton of space. And if it happens to keep the cats from peeing on the carpet then it'll be a bonus. Cause I really have to say, I am SICK AND TIRED of cat pee. I'm sick of cleaning it up, I'm sick of smelling it even AFTER I clean it up. That smell just never goes away. As a matter of fact I'm pretty sure we are going to start putting them in the basement during the day so they are contained to where the liter boxes are. That'll teach them. Or maybe not. In my dream house there will be NO carpet at all. But I digress.

For now I have the living room cleaned and we have more room without the desk there.

In the Lily-Mon front, she is eating more and more table food now. In fact I don't plan to buy any more entrees for her in the baby food, there isn't much for selection and it's super expensive. SO I figure I'll make more food in the crock pot and she can eat that just fine without any trouble why NOT give it to her right? So tonight she gets steak and potatoes! Seriously. I have some steaks in the crock pot with some taters and carrots, she'll love it too I'm sure!

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TexasCoy said...

Oh M, I know about how expensive organizing is. I spent an arm and leg on the bathrooms/closets in my nesting phase.

Good luck, looks like you're making great progress!