Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What I Actually got done...

Um yeah, it's always something.

I went and picked up the baby like normal and when Adam got home he was so excited about his new shift he got at work (starting March 2nd he'll be Monday-Friday) that he wanted to go out to eat to celebrate. So Lily was taking a cat nap since she had only had ONE 45 minute nap...ALL DAY. (that's a whole other story though) So after she woke up I fed her dinner and then we got ready and headed out. She was a star in the restaurant. I was so proud to call her mine. Though she did scream the whole way home. So we got home about 6:30ish. I HAD to get some medical paperwork done otherwise it would expire and we would have to pay out of pocket for it (yes I procrastinated as long as I could on this one) So I got all that done and by the time I finished that up it was 7:30 so it was time to head up and get bath going and get ready for bed.

So I NEVER get what I plan done. It almost always works out that way. I have thankfully learned to mostly accept that and just do what I can.

Today I will probably take it easy on purpose, I seriously hurt my neck/shoulder and so it hurts to look to the left (I'm sure you've had one of those kinks too) So Relax is what I shall do.

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