Friday, February 6, 2009

It's Finally Friday!

Busy weekends. I am definitely the type of person that would prefer to have no plans. To just take the day as it comes is probably my favorite way to spend time. Do I feel like cleaning? Do I feel like watching a movie? Really anything. But this weekend...oh goodness, this weekend is super busy. Tonight I get to go grocery shopping. Woo-hoo. (hope you could detect my sarcasm there guys) Tomorrow we are headed down to my parents house for the day. Sunday Adam works all day and then in the evening we are headed to his grandma's house for a valentines day party. Weird? yes but they love get togethers and it's always nice to see everyone.

So really my only free time this weekend is on Sunday. And I will be with Lily alone all day which anyone who has a baby will tell you that it's near impossible to get anything really done when you are strapped with a kid all day. Hopefully she will take a nice long nap (or 2) and I can get some stuff done. My newest thing is I want to get the basement cleaned so I can make room for scrap booking stuff down there. I want to have space to spread out and make room for all my stuff. I have a pretty good plan and hope to at least make SOME progress on it this weekend. For some reason Lily loves the basement, so hopefully this will work to my advantage and I can bring down some toys and let her play down there while I clean and sort stuff to make room. Of course I'll update with my progress on Monday. We'll see how much I actually get done.


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Anonymous said...

We are going to get lots accomplished on Sunday!! Can't wait!