Friday, February 27, 2009

And The Stats Are In...

Height: 28.5" (75th Percentile)
Weight: 16 lbs 8 oz (12th Percentile)
Head Size: 17.72" (79th Percentile)

She is growing normal and looks great! Sat still when she was supposed to and everyone at the Doctors office just LOVES her!

She's doing just right developmentally in doing what she is supposed to at her age and has the perfect amount of teeth.

We were pleasantly surprised with the fact that she did not get any shots this go round. She will again at 1 year though.

And as a reward for her great behavior we got her an Elmo book. (the girl is in love with Elmo.)

9 Month Pictures tomorrow!


Lynnipoo said...

Long and lean pretty girl! Can't wait to see the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Yippie!!!! That is fanastic news! Yay for a healthy baby Lily!