Monday, February 16, 2009

Crab People, Crab People

So this past weekend was Valentine's weekend. We really didn't do anything special. We decided no gifts to save some money and since I had a gift certificate for Sunday brunch we didn't go out to eat either.

Saturday was rough. She's been such a crab lately, I'm sure she is getting more teeth but I wish she would just get her teethers already. Lily had a really bad night on Friday and I ended up on the couch with her all night. And my parents and my friend Danielle came over. We headed over to Goodwill to check out baby clothes and I wanted to get a black backdrop for some photos for Lily's 9 month pictures (9 Months!) And then Mom and I ran to America's Best to get her glasses and we stopped and got Burger King and brought it home for us and the guys. (Danielle left straight from the Goodwill)

Then after everyone left we just relaxed and didn't do a whole lot. Sunday we got the baby and laid in bed for a while, it was nice. We used to do that all the time when she was first home. She actually went back to sleep, I was surprised and happy. Then we all got ready and headed to brunch. Lily is always a big hit at these things, I had no less than 5 people stop and talk to her. People love babies. She was a good girl. Then we did some shopping. Went home and Lily took a nice LONG nap. 3 HOURS! That is a record for her, she never naps that long, but she hadn't had much of a morning nap. Her newest thing is that when you go in to get her from her nap she is on her tummy. So the girl won't roll over for you just anyway, but leave her along in the crib and she'll flip over for you. The rest of the day we just relaxed and watched TV, watched some Baby Einstein on the computer and relaxed. I got some housework done during her nap which was nice.

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