Saturday, February 21, 2009

Of Course This Post Will Jinx It.

This is what we do when we don't have anything better to do, Bury Lily with stuffed toys!

So I took Friday off. Just decided to take a mental health day and relax. So Thursday we put the girl down for bed, I thought well at least I don't HAVE to go anywhere tomorrow if it's a bad night. She was fantastic. Went to sleep easily, slept all night and let us sleep til 7:15 which was a miracle! Then we relaxed a bit and decided to go out for breakfast. So we did that, where of course Lily was a big hit. I also wanted to get her Easter dress. So we ran some errands and headed home. She took a nice long nap for us and I got some housework done while she napped. Then she was a dream the rest of the night too. So I thought we were in for it for last night. NOPE she was a dream again. we slept til 6:30! She took a nice morning nap, a nice afternoon nap and now we are blogging and working with some photos! I haven't done any bath ones since she moved to the big girl tub now. SO here they are.

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Lynnipoo said...

Aww...Lily looks so cute in the tub! She looks like she's having fun.