Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The things I love about being a mom...

1. Her smile, no matter how grumpy/sad/rushed/angry you are, that smile just melts my heart 5 times over.

2. Bath time. That girl loves her baths. She would play and play and play in there forever if I let her.

3. Her giggle. Yeah, it sorta goes with her smile but her giggle is the most intoxicating sound on the planet.

4. How when she turns the music on her excersaucer she looks at it like she has no clue how it is making that sound. Utter disbelief.

5. Feeding her. I love to feed her, she loves food and will gobble up anything you give her.

6. How she reaches for me when she wants to come to me.

7. How she works SO hard to get to a toy or remote or anything she sets her sights on. I originally thought she had no interest in crawling but I'm starting to see that she'll be up and moving before we know it.

8. How happy she is, sure I suppose you could group with with her smile and her giggle but really in my mind it's completely different. She is always happy and always smiling.

9. How she jumps in her excersaucer facing the wall and just goes to town jumping like she is trying to jump right out.

10. The way she talks. She is a little chatterbox and for the most part I love listening to her talk and say Mama and Dada and whatever else comes out of her mouth.

I write this list of my top ten things I love about her because after a really bad night sometimes I just need some perspective and to realize that this is just a stage and soon we'll look back on these days and remember how easy we really had it. Despite a few bad nights now and then due to teething or being sick, I really can't complain. She is an amazing baby and I love her so much.

But she better sleep better tonight.

I made these up and sent them out for Valentine's Day! Enjoy!

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