Monday, April 20, 2009

Why the heck don't I take videos of this stuff?

Well WHAT a weekend it was! I was pretty busy but still managed to find some time to the Monster around the house for a while. She has become a crawling machine. From one room to another, to pull herself up on the sliding glass door in the 3 season room. Which is her FAVORITE room. Maybe it's all the windows at her height, maybe it's cause we don't really spend a ton of time in there, who knows. But she loves it. She now has constant red knees but it doesn't bother her, as long as she can get where she wants. She also walks along the couch and other furniture and is more often than not letting go and standing there by herself. WHERE IS MY BABY? She is getting so big and learning so much. She'll be walking in no time.

And up until about a week ago I cherished my cuddle time with the girl after her last bottle til she fell asleep and then I put her in her crib, until it was getting to the point where she would wake up and cry when I put her down. So we ultimately decided some sleep training was in order and it was time she learned to put herself to sleep. It was hard. Not hard to listen to her cry, or hard cause it wasn't working, in fact, it DID work and it worked fast and now I've lost my little cuddle bug. She doesn't WANT me to hold her to sleep anymore, which is good, but I can't help but be a little sad. Sorta like my baby doesn't need me anymore. Which is pathetic, cause lets face it, she isn't even potty trained yet. LOL.

So I'll enjoy and mourn the loss of my cuddle time with the girl til she gets old enough to WANT to cuddle with me. Until then I just take the kisses she gives.

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