Sunday, April 26, 2009

My 11 Month Old....

Loves to be on the move...always crawling crawling crawling

Will pull herself up on the weirdest stuff and "walk" along it.

Puts herself to sleep after a lifetime of me holding her to sleep *I sure do miss the cuddles*

Wakes up in the middle of the night, sits up and can't lay herself back down so mommy and daddy have to help her.

Is nearing the end of her pacifier usage

Won't look at the camera when you try and take a picture of her.

Has a spunky attitude that both makes us mad and makes us laugh at the same time

Loves to crawl UP the stairs.

Loves to *help* mommy in the kitchen

Will cuddle with you ONLY when she is super tired or you have a book

Loves her Mr. Beary(s)

Is getting such long hair that I am contemplating a trim.

Loves Chapstick thanks to her Grandma Gail, and smacks her lips for it when she sees you have it.

Is such a great eater and eats whatever you put in front of her.

Really doesn't have a whole lot of interest in bottles anymore except at bedtime.

Makes mom and dad proud of her every single day.

We love you baby girl! Happy 11 Months!

*pictures to be posted after I actually take them. LOL*

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