Friday, April 10, 2009

Little Peter CottonTail, Hoppin' Down the Bunny Trail....

Well it's EASTER weekend already. Yikes, where the heck does time go? We have a pretty busy weekend ahead of us but I suppose that's a good thing. Tomorrow we are going to my parents for dinner, and my brother and his wife and my nephew will be there and my grandma. Should be a fun time. Sunday we are going to Adam's parents house for dinner and then probably stopping over at his aunts house to visit a little bit before heading home.

My house is SUCH a mess. I really just simply do NOT have time to clean it. And partly just really don't care. I keep the living room somewhat presentable mainly cause Lily is crawling around like a mad baby in there lately.

Last night I did her bedtime as usual. Got her to sleep as usual. Put her in her crib at about 7:35 or so, walked out of her room and she started screaming. It was bizarre, she didn't even twitch when I put her down so I was pretty surprised to hear from her. So we waited 5 minutes, went in, moved her back to the center of the crib and left. We waited another 5 minutes, and did the same, but when Adam went in there, she was STANDING. Now this really shouldn't have surprised me since we know she can go from laying to standing without a problem but she's never done it in her crib before. 5 minutes later and I went in and she was back to sitting up in the corner. It was pretty cute but I surely didn't let HER know that. I think that was it, she went to sleep, it was about 8 when she finally went to sleep. About 20 after 8 or so Adam went in to make sure she wasn't curled up in the corner or some other place in the crib that would cause her to wake up uncomfortable and scream. She was on her tummy, so Adam just moved her back to the center and called it good. She was good the rest of the night.

So I guess we'll be lowering the crib some more since she has learned she can stand up in there. *sigh* For some reason I just really don't want her taking a head first tumble to the floor.

In photography news, I got my first paying order. Was pretty happy about that. Plus I had such an incredible response to my FREE offer that I decided to end it early as I'm just not sure how many more sessions I can reasonably fit in before June 1st anyway. So I'm pretty excited about that!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Lily has now learned she can stand up in her crib! Crazy was bound to happen soon I guess..
Congrats on your photography progression too!