Monday, April 20, 2009

Little Baby Warren

Well, Jessica is a friend of mine from High school and she has THE cutest little guy, Warren. SUCH a good baby, He smiled well, behaved well, was so adorable. Totally made me want to keep him! Such a cutie! The family (Jessica and her parents) were fabulous to work with and I tell ya, I didn't expect any less. What a fantastic family! Thanks so much!

Jess and Warren!

Such BIG Bright eyes! So cute, I just want to KEEP him, I'm sure him and Lily would get along great!

The whole family! Thanks guys!

Big Smiles!

I loved this one. He was being held in the air by Grandpa in this one!

So apparently it's not JUST my kid. ALL kids love those ducks!

Baby Smiles, and his just makes me melt!

I love this duck shot, You'll probably see a lot of this same pose cause I love it so much. Nakie but tasteful!

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