Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Pics are HERE!

Some Pictures for your viewing pleasure...

First of all I didn't realize that she looked so Drunk in this picture or I would have chosen another one but I'm just simply too tired and lazy to do that right now. So ANYWAY. I always thinks she looks so much less "baby" when I put her hair up and add the fact that she is RIDING A BIKE. And she just seems so "big girl" ish. My baby's growing up so fast these days.

Another shot of her in her Easter dress riding her bike. At least she doesn't have the "pass me another beer" look in this one.

This is Lily with My grandma, so her great-grandma. It just makes me so happy that she can meet some of her great-grandparents and they can be a part of her life!

Me and Lily all dressed up for Easter. I don't wear dresses often and I surely don't wear makeup often so here's a glimpse.

Ok so this one isn't an Easter picture but I thought it was cute. She always looks at me funny when I don my bandana to clean or whatever so I thought I would put in on her. She dug it.

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TexasCoy said...

Love the bandana picture