Monday, April 20, 2009

And last but not least....

This session was fun. What's more fun that chasing a 19 month old around for an hour and a half hoping you can get just one or two GREAT shots of them. LOL. They are so busy and ALWAYS on the go that it's hard work.

This is Tara and her son Logan (Adam's cousin Tara) I like to think we got some pretty good ones in there. Here is a sampling.

Tara seemed really excited about a collage so I thought I would share my favorite one! I put together a couple for her!

Fresh with his brand new haircut!

He was just on the go go go, so one of the few pics I got with him looking a me.

Too cute!

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Anonymous said...

These are great. The collage is amazing! I think you found a niche you are really good at!