Friday, April 17, 2009

At LAST the wait is OVER!

I was SO excited yesterday, every time a truck would drive by the house I would JUMP off the couch and run to the window to see if it was the long-awaited UPS guy. And Finally around 2:00 or so I heard it. The sweet sound of the squeaky breaks, the slide of that door. It was HERE. After waiting a horribly long 11 days to get it, it was in my grasp. I rushed to the door, I stood there waiting in anticipation as the UPS guy couldn't get to the door fast enough. He was here. On my doorstep. With my camera and all I had to do was sign that little screen. After he left I brought it to the couch and ripped into it as fast as I could, I just knew I had to get to the battery so I could put it on the charger. I hated that hour long wait as the battery charged as I couldn't turn on the camera, But I sure had fun playing with all the accessories and getting everything out of it's packaging (and minus a little break that I had to take to feed the girl) I was in heaven. It really was Christmas morning in my house yesterday! Finally the light went solid, I could put the battery in the camera and TURN IT ON! I basically spent the rest of the day yesterday playing with my shiny new toy. Despite my grand plans of vacuuming the mons' room or cleaning the bathroom. Those things could wait. My new camera could not.

So for your viewing pleasure I took some photos. Oh I took MANY photos, most were of stupid stuff as I learned how to zoom and focus and work the flash, So I picked a couple favorites and thought I would post them!

Of COURSE the girl likes to watch tv. She is OUR daughter after all. Here she is watching Adam play guitar hero or rockband, I don't remember which, either way the point remains the same.

She doesn't look at me when I take her picture anymore, and if she does look at me, it's usually a blank stare.

Just call her Lily Blue Eyes. I Love this photo, the way the light was hitting her face was JUST perfect. She has the most gorgeous blue eyes. I really hope they stay that way.

My wonderful Husband, whom without him, I wouldn't even HAVE my shiny new camera. So Thank you Honey!

One of out demon cats. I have always loved his eyes, So pretty.

And the Dog. Who doesn't get near as much credit as he deserves. Leo's such a good boy. listens well (doesn't pee on my carpet) and is always willing to watch you eat.
PS. Don't think I did totally nothing yesterday, I did get dishes done, my dining room cleaned. the floors done and the living room picked up. Pretty productive for an hour and a half when the girl was napping huh?

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Anonymous said...

It's amazing what you get done in a 1/2 hour when the kids are asleep isn't it?