Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Is that HAIR all over the floors?

Well the girl has learned that she can really get anywhere she wants to be now by crawling. I love that she can go and explore, I hate that it really brings my attention to how dirty my floors are. I hope to spend some time tomorrow getting the floors all cleaned up and putting stuff down in the basement that we don't really use so that she can't really get into it all. She had fun exploring the dining room last night. She previously avoided it because it has hardwood floors and my goodness they are slippery for her, but that doesn't stop her now. She found a few cat toys to play with and then she managed to make her way into the 3 season room, where there was a MASSIVE amount of those plastic Easter eggs sprawled all over the floor. So that kept her entertained for a while. It also kept me entertained, watching her dump them out of the basket and then pick them up and put them back in, only to dump them out again. She was just having a ball.

In other news. I am Officially working 4 days a week now. I'm beyond excited to have 3 day weekends, cause goodness gracious do I need them. My house has been slacking and it's really beginning to show and it's not a great time for that since more people than EVER will be at my house to have photos done. So I will welcome the 4 day weeks for now and see how this goes. For now it's temporary thru the summer. In fact this week will be a little off, with me being off tomorrow (Thursday) instead so that I can be home to wait for my shiny new camera. It's like Christmas, only I had to pay for it and someone spoiled the surprise. BUT I am still very anxious to get it play with it.

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TexasCoy said...

3 day weekends are the best! Lily sounds precious, I wish I could see her!