Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yes, I'm a CopyCat. Yes, I'm ok with that.

Inspired by a few blogs I read  here and here.  I thought, what a great thing to do right now.  Lately I've had a bad case of the I wants.  I thought it would be a great time to refocus and set some life goals.  A list of 100 to be exact.  Here goes.

1. Win an award
2. Take some photography classes
3. Be an amazing mom to my kid(s)
4. Be a great wife to my husband(s)  *kidding on the (s) part though*
5. Learn to keep my house clean
6. Go see a comedy act (we are going in April!)
7. Go to a fancy restaurant where you need reservations and have to dress up
8. Watch my babies grow into amazing people
9. Have the house of our dreams complete with lots of land
10. Learn to love myself more
11. Live a healthy lifestyle
12. And lose a few pounds as a result
13. Go on an amazing cruise
14. Wear a bikini with pride
15. Pay off all our debt
16. and Stay that way
17. Learn to quilt
18. Be a great friend
19. Have great friends
20. Visit Australia with Adam
21. Hire a maid (yes I realize that's counter-productive to learning to keep my house clean)
22. Join a gym and actually go
23. See a show on Broadway
24. Find my faith in God.
25. Teach my kid(s) to be charitable, if not with money, with time.
26. Celebrate our 50th Anniversary together
27. Have a gourmet kitchen
28. Teach my children to cook
29. Finish all the scrapbooks I've started throughout the years
30. Take a decorating class
31. Have a room dedicated to all my "projects"
32. Go on a family vacation to Disney-World.
33. Have a master suite, with a walk in closet and stand up 2 person shower
34. Have at least one more baby.
35. Learn to communitcate my anger without yelling
36. Have a job I love
37. Have another amazing family photo taken.
38. Be able to send my kid(s) to college
39. Be a grandmother
40. Volunteer at an animal shelter
41. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
42. Own a lakehome
43. Be recognized for doing something great
44. Have a corner office
45. Get a hairstyle I love
46. Drive an SUV
47. Have a blog that people love to read.
48. Give great advice
49. Start our own family traditions
50. Have a great camera with accessories.
*can I just break here a minute to say that this is WAY harder than expected.  Ok, Carry on.
51. Have a family
52. Own a house
53. Try new foods
54. Keep an open mind
55. Win a trophey
56. Wear a size 8 jean
57. Never burn bridges
58. Always strive to make sure my kid(s) get to know their granparents
59. Reconnect with my grandparents
60. Learn to hate junkfood
61. Take a cake decorating class
62. Stop regretting past choices
63. Be really good at something
64. Persue my photography business a little harder
65. Get over my fear of photographing weddings
66. Learn when to say no
67. See my kid(s) graduate
68. Grocery shop without having to use coupons (even though I probably still would)
69. Finish this list today
70. Tell my husband I love him today  (and everyday)
71. Sing a song in front of an audience
72. Learn to play the piano
73. Own a piano
74. Treat my dog more like a family member
75. Have my home organized and decorated by a professional
76. Save money for retirement
77. Take care of myself
78. Learn to ask for help
79. Dance in public without feeling like an idiot
80. Go bar hopping
81. Own an RV
82. Hike in the woods
83. Climb a mountain (ok, a small mountain but you get the point)
84. Tell my parents I love you to my parents more often
85. Have an organized closet
86. Create a cool art piece
87. Learn to be more selfless
88. Play with my little girl like it's the first time for both of us!
89. Think less
90. Swim more often
91. Appreciate what I have more often.
92. Help people without being asked.
93. Take tons of pictures
94. Win the lottery
95. Buy a lottery ticket
96. Invest wisely
97. Make good choices
98. Visit 10 states
99. Fly on an airplane (shudder)
100.  Say Thank you more often.

Man I struggles at the end there.  I mean really.  I didn't realize how hard this would be.  Give it a shot and see if you can do it!

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danibabe2 said...

wow that's great Miranda! You can cross off the one about having a blog people love to read! I love reading yours!!!