Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Where did my baby go?

It's become painfully obvious lately that the girl is no longer a baby. But in fact a full fledged little girl. She talks. Real words even. The girl is very polite with "Peez" and "anks" when she wants something. She will ask for help if she needs it. "elp" She will tell you she wants to "eat" She will tell you when she goes potty "poo". When it's time to go somewhere this little girl brings you her shoes and is pointing and read for her "K" (that means coat for you who don't speak little monster girl language). She asks for more "Juice" and will tell you she wants "up" to drink it. For some reason when she is frustrated she will just repeat MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY over and over again like she is dying.

It may not seem like much but it seems everyday she picks up new words and new habits. Her latest new adorable habit is licking her finger when she's reading a story. Of course, that's how mommy turns the page so it only makes sense Ms. Lily would too. I mean I do most of the story reading around the Philippi house.

She barely wants cuddles before bed anymore, in fact she will just repeat "peez" over and over again while I try to cuddle her so she can just go into her crib. And it makes me sad that she doesn't want me to cuddle and sing to her. But I suppose it's only natural. As she gets older it's obvious she would notice how terrible my singing voice is...But I was still hoping for just a little more time.

And while I LOVE the girl in this stage, it too, is passing far too quickly. She is changing rapidly. Developing even more personality and spunk. It's fun when she does something and we say to each other, "She gets that from you!" I, of course, like to think that she really does have the best of both of us....but she has picked up a few things from us that are less than desirable too. She picked up my temper. The girl wants it and she wants it now, and she's a yeller too. Which she also got from me. But she is stubborn and I fully believe she gets that from her daddy. She has learned the limp noodle move now when she doesn't get what she wants. But she has also gotten some pretty cool stuff from us. She has my love of talking (all who know me can testify to that) and will babble nonstop whether you are listening to her or not. And she has our sense of humor. The girl thinks she's hilarious feeding the puppy her cheerios when she knows she's not suppose too and we let her cause she giggles her head off over it. (and yes, I tried to post video of that one, stupid blogger)

She's a pretty amazing little girl. And I know that we both love her so much and really couldn't imagine what life would be like with out her. I mean, we might actually have to spend time together....alone. Gulp. Kidding....Mostly.


TexasCoy said...

Hehe. A kiddo, not a baby. Sad and sweet at the same time :)

danibabe2 said...

I know the feeling :(