Thursday, November 5, 2009

Few and Far Between.

So I haven't had a photography session in a while. So I thought I'd post some pictures. Last night we had 2 year old Savannah. She was less than thrilled to have her photos taken by me, but her parents were troupers and easy to work with. We still got some great pictures even if she doesn't realize it.

Don't tell anyone that little miss Savannah was actually trying to reach the light in the ceiling. It made for a cute picture and she smiled! Which is the main point!

Such a great family! Of course I did all these photos in singles but only posted the collages to condense it a bit.

The Famous Apple Bucket!

She really just wanted nothing to do with taking photos. Little does she know her resistance made it all that much cuter!

While I took photos, Adam and the girl went out to eat together! They had a good time at Buffalo Wild Wings. Then a nice trip to Target to get Adam some much needed new shoes. They even brought me flowers. Roses. A whole dozen. And from what I hear Lily had to smell them a million times. That's my girl. They do smell lovely!

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TexasCoy said...

Pics are great, and so sweet of Adam and Lily to bring you flowers!