Thursday, August 19, 2010

Work is for the Birds

So I'm sure most of you have noticed I don't really post much these days.  One of the main reasons is I simply am not that interesting don't have much to talk about.  The other main reason is...I do most of my blogging while I'm at work, and wouldn't you know it, lately they want me to actually EARN my paycheck.   It's funny though.  The whole time I've worked here I've wished for more work. Sure we've had a few busy times when I have been busier but I don't think I've ever been THIS busy.  It's nice cause the days have been flying by, but at the same time, when you go 5 years with having at least a little bit of downtime each day, it definitely takes some getting used too.

I've been doing a couple jobs here too lately.  Of course my normal Receptionist/data entry activities, but I also do the Purchasing now, and while it doesn't usually take much time it definitely helps fill up my day. 

Anyway, So when I'm at work these days, wouldn't you know it, I've actually been THINKING about work and so that sorta leaves me sucked dry when it comes to the creative/blogging part of my life.  Sure we have things going on.  I mean we have a TWO YEAR OLD.  Life is never boring with one of those in your house.  Plus another baby on the way.  But when it comes to blogging about that I feel less than inspired I guess. 

So I'll leave you with this cute story about my 2 year old.

She was playing with her B (her lovie) and she had two baby bottles in her hand.  Completely unprompted she holds one up and announces "this one-a baby Care, this one-a B"  Yup you guessed it.  This mamma's heart melted.   They really do know/retain more than we give them credit.  And my kid is no exception.  She is amazingly kind and caring (in her own bossy way)  and everyday I can't wait to see her with her little baby sister, Care (That's Claire for those of you who don't speak Lily).

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