Tuesday, August 3, 2010

7 Quick Takes....Tuesday Edition

1. I am 22 weeks pregnant today and I STILL managed to throw up this morning.  I'm so over it.

2.  It's too Damn hot.  Thankfully it's suppose to cool down this weekend at least humidity wise.  That should be nice as this weekend is our county fair and I'm hoping we can get over there and have some fun with the girl.  She's at the perfect age for that stuff now and I know she'll love all the animals, food and fun stuff they have there!  Hoping we can hit up the demo derby too but we'll have to see how it's going to work out this year.

3. I've been debating ending this blog for a while now.  Part of me wants to cause I don't feel like I really write much with substance or meaning and part of me wants to keep it since I have so much recorded here of Miss Lily's life and our life with her.  I don't want to forget that stuff.  Hopefully my inspiration will come back and I'll find more things to write about soon.

4. I used to consider myself a worrier.  I thought I worried about everything, and maybe I used to.  But lately I've been thinking about it and I don't think I worry near as much as I should.  I rarely worry.  I don't worry about Lily.  I NEVER worry about what COULD happen to people.  I don't really worry about Money or relationships or anything.  Is that weird.  Maybe I'm worrying about how much I worry.   Whatever.  Now the word Word worry sounds funny doesn't it?

5. Who gives a giant rip about Brett Favre.  I'm sick of him and his drama.

6. They are keeping me busy at work.  It's nice.  The days go by faster and it also means that I will have a job for a while anyway.  Now that I've been laid off I'm uber paranoid about it now. 

7. I bruised my hand and wrist up this weekend.  This is odd for a couple reasons.  I was trying to pound something back together and used my hand (which I've done before, many times and never bruised)  And I NEVER bruise.  I mean sometimes I do things and I think, oh yeah that's going to leave a mark.  But it never does.  Now the palm of my right hand is all bruised and it HURTS BAD and my wrist is all bruised up too though that bruise doesn't hurt.  I didn't learn a lesson though cause I'll likely do it again.

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danibabe2 said...

Sorry to hear that you hurt your hand and that you're still sick, but YIPEEEE for the demo derby!!

Talk to you later!!