Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I guess we are a judgy nation....

and I should just get used to it?

I pride myself on my ability to almost always see both sides of anything regardless of my personal feelings on something.  I really LOVE that quality about myself.  It's certainly not something I can say often, but I rock at not being too judgy about things.  My mom calls it diplomatic.  And that I am.  I could think of a trillion examples of what I'm talking about but really all you have to do is turn on the news or read an article and you'll have one group of people completely bashing another for their choices that in the end really have no affect on them whatsoever.  I mean unless something is going to affect you or someone you love first hand why can't we all just get along.

Of course I do realize not everyone is wired this way.  I grew up with pretty much no political views and definitely with the attitude of "Hey, it may not be for me, but whatever works for you."  I dig it.  I think it helps to spend less time worrying about things other people do and just freakin' worry about yourselves for once.  Of course these days I DO have my own political views and views on things.  But in general I think we should all just worry about ourselves and quit being so judgy about stuff.

And yes I realize I'm sorta contradicting myself with this post  since it's all about how we should quit judging others.  I guess it just really irks me that I get judged for things I do (as a parent, wife, daughter etc) and I wouldn't do that to someone else.   People need to filter there thoughts a bit and think about other peoples feelings and try to understand where people are coming from or why they are making the argument they are.

Life is not black and white people.  And what fun would it be if it were?

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Energy Primer said...

When someone judges me harshly, I let them know: "Judge not lest ye be judged."