Monday, January 19, 2009

Wait...What was I talking about again?

So the rest of the weekend shaped up to be pretty good. I didn't blog about the good things in my last post because I wanted it to be more dramatic (insert eye rolls here) Plus the baby was sitting with me while I typed that last one and she always tries to "help" mommy type. Bless her heart.

So our car shopping adventure is OVER! We finally got one. A Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. It's nice. Adam and I both love it, and in fact we are still undecided about who gets to drive it. So for now we are taking turns. Even though I will get more turns. (Love you honey) And I have it today too. But in my defense Adam is home today so it doesn't really matter right?

Friday night my sister-in-law took the baby overnight for us. I was thrilled, but I of course, wanted the baby to be good for her. Turns out she was great, slept all night. Lucky duck. Adam and I went to Red Lobster courtesy of the gift certificate we got from Sarah (my sister-in law). I felt like a real adult getting out of the house, with my husband, without the baby. After we ate we decided to go to the casino. Adam lost some money, I won some. But not enough to cover what he lost. BUT we had fun anyway and so that was nice. We got home and slept, and slept til almost 10 the next morning. It was wonderful. Then we went car shopping, got the Jeep just in time to go and pick up Lily.

Then there was the night of horror. *shudder*

And then Sunday I made a nice big breakfast of pancakes, hash browns, eggs, and bacon. It was good. Then I went and got my hair cut.

As of right now I'm having some mixed feelings about it. It's not styled right and looks nothing like I wanted. BUT it has potential. I just have to find some time to play with it. So for now I'm not thrilled but it will grow on me I think. Tomorrow I'll blow it dry and see if that makes a difference at all.

Then I ran to goodwill in the search of some plain, solid color sheets for photos for Lily. I don't mind doing them myself and actually enjoy it, but it's hard when you don't have anything to use as a drop cloth/background type thing. I found a few neat things and so I am just patiently waiting a week until Lily hits 8 months and then I'll give it a go and see what I can do. I think I'm going to try and read up on some lighting and stuff like that, Ideally I like to do pictures outside cause lighting is perfect. But what can you do when you have tons of snow in the way right? Wish me luck! People have given me many compliments on other photos I have done so I'm hoping I can get some more good ones. She's a pretty easy subject.

Anyway, Lily had a better night last night. Though she still woke up a lot, she managed to put herself back to sleep, which is always good. And at some point a circuit blew and her heater and nightlight went off. We just left it but eventually Adam had to run down and flip it back on. She likes the noise from the heater and I'm sure the light helps too. And she went back to sleep, and stayed asleep after that. Not sure what happened to the breaker though. Our house is full of mysteries.

Alright I suppose I'll quit boring you now with my babble.

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