Sunday, January 18, 2009

All Times are Approximate...

7:30pm: Bedtime dress, bottle, cuddles, sound asleep crib time

8:00pm: Adam and I go downstairs and have some corn dogs and play some Lego Starwars

10:00pm: We decide to head up to bed

11:00pm: Lily wakes up and cries off and on for 25 minutes while Adam and I argue about sleeping

11:25pm: Adam goes in and gets her and brings her to me. I cuddle her and sing to her she finally goes back to sleep

12:00am: Adam gets her to stay in the crib without waking up screaming the first second you put her down. We are hopeful she will sleep the rest of the night.

1:00am: She wakes up again, but by her cry I think she might go back to sleep on her own.

1:15am: I was wrong, Adam goes in and gets her and brings her to me again.

1:30am: she's back to sleep, I am not.

1:30-4:30am: I am holding her while she sleeps, every time I close my eyes, she knows and starts crying and at this point I'm thinking she's doing it on purpose just to spite me.

4:30am: I lay there awake hoping for 6:00am to come so I can just GET UP ALREADY.

5:00am: I tell Adam I just am going to get up (I'm almost in tears) and we argue again about sleeping. I honestly just want to get UP. I'm wide awake and sick of laying there wishing for morning to come. So I get up and get her clothes and get her dressed and changed and feed her breakfast.

6:03am: I'm writing this with her on my lap giggling away cause she's in a GREAT mood.

And she was SO good for my sister in law on Friday night. Slept all night for her. Hopefully tonight will be better.

For now I leave you with a photo, since she's so cute and it's the only thing keeping her alive at this point.

Lily with her baby doll.


Kristan Anne said...

Oh, Miranda! What a icky night! I hope you can get some sleep tonight. Tell that cute little alarm clock of yours to hit the snooze button.

Nicolle said...

Wow, I am sure not looking forward to those days. I hope she gets over this phase fast for your sak!