Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We made $15 anyway...

So last fall I was walking with Lily a couple streets over from our house and there was a woman outside raking leaves. She seemed normal enough, and most people are drawn to babies and ask questions. But this was no ordinary woman, and no ordinary conversation. I think I said about 3 words to this woman the entire conversation which lasted probably a half hour. In that time I learned about how horrible her neighbors were, where she grew up and where she worked along with a bunch of other stuff I blocked out. I remember distinctly coming home and telling Adam that I would NEVER, EVER be walking down that street again.

Fast Forward to Saturday, This woman stopped by my garage sale. She bought a pair of shoes and walked around in them talking about how wonderful they were and asking me questions about them like they were a new puppy. " how old are they?" "Did she wear them a lot?" and you see, I couldn't answer these questions since there weren't my shoes. Which I did make very very clear to her and she still asked me questions about them. Anyway she walks around the sale talking about how she would buy this and that if she had the space. (cause that's really what I want to hear when I'm trying to get rid of this stuff) FINALLY, she leaves.

Fast Forward to tonight at 7:45, I'm upstairs in bed (Don't judge, I'm old) and the dog starts freaking out barking. Whatever, he doesn't like other dogs. Then I hear Adam come up from the basement and he starts calling for me. THE CRAZY WOMAN CAME BACK. Everything was boxed up, She wanted the smaller TV we were getting rid of. To top it off she brought people with her. So Adam deals with it and he's out there for a while and I eventually wander out there to find these people digging through the goodwill boxes, shopping. SO Bizarre.

I have found my crazy neighbor, have you?

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