Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'll probably miss her a little though...

So Adam and I are going on Vacation this weekend. Alone. That means without the baby. I have had several people ask me if I will miss Lily, and to each of them I say, it's only a weekend, but I'll be happy to get home to her. Adam and I are very fortunate that we have parents and friends that are willing to watch Lily for us so that we can get some time to ourselves now and again. My parents take Lily for us one weekend a month so we can have a night to sleep in or go out or just get stuff done around the house without having her following us around screaming by your feet cause she wants you to play with her. And I think I can speak for both of us when I say we can never truly express how blessed we feel that both sets of our parents want to be a part of her life and understand that sometimes as parents, you just plain need a break. (No matter how great your kid is) We are a couple, a team, and it's important for us to spend time alone together, to reconnect and just be together. Sure we may usually end up talking about Lily and wondering what she is doing and hoping she is behaving so that people still want to watch her for us. But we enjoy it.

This weekend is a special treat for us. We are going to Wisconsin Dells. Water park capital of the world! Alone. In a hotel! Which we for sure don't get often. Neither Adam or myself have ever been there so it will be something we can both experience together for the first time. I have no doubt that we will have a blast!

I took the day off work tomorrow so that I could clean and mow the lawn and pack and grocery shop, heck that sounds like way more work than actually going to my job. But Adams parents are watching Lily for us so I'm sorta looking forward to the day to myself to get stuff done at my own pace instead of having to rush around and get it all done during nap time. Then my mom is coming up to watch Lily and the dog for us for the weekend. Adam and I plan to leave at like 4 in the morning on Saturday and we'll be home sometime on Monday! I can't wait!

So a very special thanks to everyone who watches Lily for us. We would truly be insane without you!

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Lindsay said...

Have a great trip!