Thursday, July 9, 2009

She is SUCH a girly girl.

So last night before Adam got home Lily discovered HER chap stick (she has several and I call them her lipsticks). She also discovered my lunch bag and was carrying it around like a purse. Then she tried to put her lipstick in my lunch bag. Which prompted me to get HER purse and give it to her. She had fun with it, carried it around on her shoulder and when it fell off would come back to me to help her get it back up. She is SUCH a girl.

Lily with her purse (her lipstick is in the purse)

Just Exploring her purse.

I think I'm in trouble when she gets older. *gulp*


TexasCoy said...

That is SO adorable

Anonymous said...

How cute! She is growing up so fast..