Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lillian's Labor day weekend adventures...

Well I brought her swimming. Yup. Swimming. She had a cute little bikini that she got as a gift and a friend of mine asked if we wanted to go and so I figured why not. Now she isn't Michael Phelps or anything but that girl can hold her own. She Adored the pool. The water was warm and it was a beautiful day out. She bounced and played in the water. I did my best to show her how to splash but she was just having none of that. In fact to protest my attempts, she fell asleep. Yup, she fell asleep IN the pool. She's lucky I was there to hold her up. Of course I took pictures of the whole thing, or rather my friend did since I was holding the her.

Then we went over the river and thru the woods to grandmothers house! She had fun. Though she is at the age now where she recognizes and prefers certain people over others. mainly, she will scream her head off if anyone besides me, Adam and Adam's sister tries to hold her. It makes me feel bad cause everyone wants to hold her too. *sigh* I guess she'll probably grow out of that. I hope.

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