Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Great Egg "Hunt" of 2010.

We waited a long time to "hunt" for these eggies.  I use the term hunt loosely since they were just sorta there.  LOL.  But the girl had a lot of fun and I swear the anticpation almost killed her.  All in all she was an amazing little girl and we played by the rules unlike a lot of other families there.  Blech.

Hunting for eggs.  I had to actually take her basket out since she kept leaving it there and other kids were starting to take them out of her basket.  She got quite a few though.  I am a proud momma.

Here she is waiting for the eggs.  She wanted to get in there in the WORST way possible.  I'm glad we went though and it made her take a nice long nap after being in the wind and fresh air all morning.


danibabe2 said...

That's a ton of eggs on the ground there!!! That's so exciting for her (and you!). Hope your day is going great!

Kelly said...

My little girl loves egg hunts too :) An I love watching her hunt :)