Thursday, December 3, 2009

Chore Charts and other Boring Junk

So anyone who knows me probably knows that I am the "only clean really good when company is over type". I mean we don't live in complete filth or anything but it's no where near as clean as it should be.  My worst enemy are the dishes.  I despise doing dishes.  I don't know why either.  I mean it's not like they take a long time, it's not like it's hard.  We have a dishwasher so it can't be that either.  But I honestly think I would rather do anything besides doing the dishes.  My other arch nemesis is the laundry.  I don't mind washing and drying the laundry but folding/ironing and putting it away take time and usually I'm tired by the time I get upstairs to do it.

So ANYWAY, the point of this is. I need a system.  Like, Tuesdays I clean the bathroom, Sundays I do laundry etc.  But I'm not sure where I start.  Obviously Adam isn't thrilled with the idea of a chore chart.  He would rather I just tell him what to do.  So What if I made a chore chart and just told him what to do and when.  That could work right?  I mean besides the fact that he'll see this post I don't see why he'd even have to know where WAS a chore chart.

So tell me, What's your system?  Cause Lord knows I need one.


TexasCoy said...

Eh...I don't really have a system. We try to split stuff, like if one of us is cleaning the other jumps in and helps, that way the other isn't resentful because they do all the work.

I usually clean the bathrooms on Friday and vacuum the house Friday afternoons, because Betsy is wandering around the house all weekend. Other chores I just do them as I see them.

Laundry is usually a Sunday thing and Ben and I both watch TV in our bedroom and automatically hang up and put away clothes as they come out of the dryer while we watch a movie or something.

Other things are done as we notice they need to be done.

danibabe2 said...

I don't have a system either.....I just do what needs to be done. It's not always done in a timely manner either :( Oh well!

Anonymous said...

We don't have a system either. It is much needed tho! I tend to do laundry on my days off and lately Andy has been doing the dishes. Otherwise most of the cleaning gets done only when we have people over such as yourself! *Glad I am not the only one* I do wish you luck in finding a system that works and when you do..please let me know!

Corie M. said...

Miranda, Real Simple has a cute "Periodic Table of Cleaning". It's pretty extensive, but you could adapt it to your needs.

Sarah Explains It All said...

hahaha, I hate laundry and dishes too! At least I can fold laundry while I watch tv, dishes just plain suck.