Thursday, March 5, 2009

Inspired by others...

So I follow a few blogs. One of them Here inspired me this morning on the topic of names. Why is it we all think so long and hard over names of our babies and then HARDLY ever call them their name. Now I also admit that I rarely call Lily by her name unless we are working on "No". So here is my list.

Lily-monster, Lily-mon, Mons, or L-mon (also call us mommy-mons and daddy-mons)

Bunk, Bunkenroo, Bunkenrooster, Lily-bunk


Grace (her middle name), GracieLou, Gracie, Gracie-butt.

Princess, princess lily, Princess Lillian (these are not common ones as I try to avoid the princess thing but sometimes they just come out)


I THINK that's most of them, I'm sure there are more and there are always variations of those above too. The most common one I call her is Bunkenroo. And I completely agree with Lynn (see above link) that I find it odd that no one bats an eye at the fact that her nickname makes NO sense. And no one ever questions it or thinks twice about it.

I suppose we ALL have crazy nicknames for our kids though huh?


Lynnipoo said...

Love it! What has mommy-hood done to us?!?

TexasCoy said...

OMG I can totally relate to this post.